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We’ll jump all these hurdles with you!

We’ll jump all these hurdles with you!

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We assist you in a fast, competent, and reliable fashion!

We have more than 10 years of experience!
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Among our customers worldwide, we count businesses in trade, industry, and logistics with varying import and export volumes.

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Regular internal updates and briefings ensure that all of our staff can bring your goods over customs hurdles 24/7.


In 2022, we created more than 10,000 export declarations for more than 7,000 tons of goods.


In 2022, we finalised more than 300,000 MRNs at all German airports.


In 2022, we created more than 100 certificates of origin and preference documents.

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We assist you in a fast, competent, and reliable fashion!

Combined we work with 100 years of customs experience without fault in competency, and always with a smile on our faces.

Our team is always up to date due to daily contact as well as close cooperation with authorities and customs and knows many solutions that we also can integrate in your company.

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Awaiting you is a team that not only convinces through expert competency but also through commitment and joy for customs. The smile of our staff is even audible on call.

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Are you in need of specific customs forms for a customs declaration? 
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We are more than happy to send you the correct forms.
Moreover, we offer checklists for several procedures.

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