MeMbership $25 a year
MPCC Holiday Happy
Hour Mixer 7pm at The Whaler Dec 16th- free small bites -new & improved Whaler menu)

Our charter



The MPCC Board of Directors: Steve Schroeder, Larry Layne, Sandie West, Lowell Safier, Carole Feuer, Michele Blackmon, John Weston. We have a board of advisers, including local attorney Clive McClintock.  We are affiliated with VNC, our neighboring council.  Larry Layne & Lowell Safier were 2 of the original Marina Peninsula Board Members from early 1990's.

Currently we are working on street re-surfacing, & sponsored dog-bag dispensers on the peninsula while caring for our fragile wetlands & ocean. Our active Block Captains-Neighborhood Watch will soon we putting together an emergency evacuation plan as we do not currently have one specifically for the peninsula. Our block captains are Vince, Mary, Cindy, Grant, Josh, Lowell, Ric, Michelle, Carol, Hope, Alaric, Steve V, Murray.


For crime reports .

MPCC is an action-based neighborhood and results-focused organization that thrives on full community collaboration.  Serving our neighborhood since 1987, we still operate on only $25 a year!